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FAQ - Thinking to take part ?


  • How do I know the programme is a good fit for me?

        Do you have one of the following objectives? 


- I want to learn how to communicate more effectively and confidently

- I want to meet new people and share my story

- I want to increase my employment prospects

- I want to be able to speak in public with confidence

- I want to practise my French in a supportive setting


then our program is definitely a good fit for you!


  • Are there any age restrictions?

It depends on the programme. Sometimes we have an age restriction, but please ask!


  • How many sessions are there? Do I have to participate in all of them?


Our programme includes 12 sessions, which run once a week for two hours. We strongly encourage you to attend all of your sessions, as they are interconnected and help to build a strong confidence profile.


  • Can I still join if the programme has already started?

Yes, you can still join the programme if you miss the first two sessions, however, we cannot guarantee your participation in the final performance.


  • What is the final performance?

        The final performance is the culmination of the programme. It is a practical speaking exercise, in public, in which each participant will have a chance to express him or herself and recount a unique personal story. This exercise helps participants integrate all the knowledge and skills they have developed during the programme.



  • Where I can see videos from earlier sessions?

You can check our website,




to see the recordings from prior sessions and participant testimonials.

  • Is there a general outline for each session, so I can get an idea of what we will be doing?

        The outlines for each session are provided in advance. Sessions may vary depending on the curriculum and the professional backgrounds of the individual presenters. The general programme however covers such themes as: body language, improvisation techniques, poetry, storytelling, speechmaking, etc.

  • Do I get a certificate in the end?

        Yes, each participant earns a certificate from Refugee Voices. This document confirms his or her participation in our programme.

  • Who should I contact if I have questions? 

        You can contact us at or on any of our social media channels. We are responsive and always eager to hear from you!

  • How much does it cost?

        The programme is free of charge. Though because we are a not-for-profit association, we will appreciate it if you can help us as a volunteer or make a small donation.

  • Is it anything I am expected to know before the course?

        There are no prerequisites for our programme. We simply ask you to be eager to learn, experiment and have fun!

  • How much time does it require per week?

        The programme runs over three months with one (1x) two hour session per week plus occasional homework. The total commitment is approximately 2 to 3 hours per week.

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