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"C'est la base"

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Voix de Réfugiés was proud to participate in the Ville de Lausanne "C'est la Base programme"

We were proud to be part of a large scale campaign of 50 associations in Vaud during 2018-2019, that directly impacted some 6'000 people and touched the lives of 10'000.

Our Program

We focus on building soft skills including communication skills, networking, relationship building, as well as confidence. We used tools gleaned from the realms of public speaking, storytelling, slam poetry and theatre, our programme enables participants to recognize the unique story they each have to tell, and the inherent skills they have in telling them.

In other words, we help participants realise their value, that they matter, they have a voice and strengths, and we nurture them how to use it to positively influence their own lives and the lives of others. We also create bridges between refugees and host communities by having a mix of refugees and other community members in the same workshops.

Instead of fixing surface-level symptoms, we go deep.

Our sessions are a creative incubator of confidence-building through imitation, interaction and expression using a variety of dynamic exercises led by our dedicated team of presenters and guest speakers. The two way exchange and learning between different cultural backgrounds is a strong element of our programme and can help to foster integration and positive outcomes.

Our Results thus far:

We are excited by the positive results we are achieving with our participants in the programme and wish to expand our reach to help more people:

100% participants grew in self-confidence and confidence in their abilities

86% felt more part of the community and had identified more work opportunities vs start

83% public strongly recommended our live-storytelling events

57% were in work or internships at end of the programme.

We are buoyed by the results of our inaugural program and busy planning a second one, to begin in September, 2019!

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