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Thankyou for an amazing performance!

Our third programme "Confidence Catalysed" was held entirely online and culminated in our first online public performance, “The Thread and the Tapestry". We learnt that our programme migrated well to an online environment, with our amazingly flexible and motivated team making it happen at record speed !

Participants to our 3 month programme, shared their personal stories, in a memorable evening, in front of members of the public and invited guests.

We learnt how our “little” stories interweave into common threads, which can resonate with a wider public. Having the courage to be vulnerable and open ourselves to change, to dare to try, becoming independent and confident in our own skin, to connect with new people.... These are all themes that were covered in eight personal histories that were shared by our participants. Individuals who have have grown week on week, from nervous beginner, to owning the stage !

Our audience members put it very well :"The triple difficulty of the exercise: Speak of a sensitive subject (1), in a second language (2) and in front of the public (3)."

"The vulnerability shown in finding ways to overcome difficulties was very inspiring"

"I note their personal growth and their strength. Bravo !"

And a last word from one of our participants "My self-confidence has increased 1000 X !!"

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