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Training the trainers !

We are thrilled to have hosted our first train-the-train program in Lausanne on #confidence building and #community#empowerment. It was such a success, that we are hoping to run many more and unlock many further catalysts of change in our communities! 🎉🎉

It was a 3-day intensive experience where we unravelled personal stories of resilience, blockers holding us back, and reconnected with our spirit and greatest strengths.

The knock-on effect was two fold:

1) participants walked away with renewed self-belief, confidence, and conviction in their professional paths

2) each participant developed a project to put in place further community empowerment activities in the months to come. Stay tuned!

With many thanks to the Bureau Lausannois des Immigrés for making this possible (Ville de Lausanne), and the fabulous hosting from Powerhouse Lausanne 💪🏾

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